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Avalon Series: Looted tombs? Stolen art? Call Avalon: Mercenaries with an eye for art and romance! Her Last Chance is, for now, the last book of the romantic suspense series featuring Avalon, a secretive organization that specializes in recovering stolen art and antiquities. It followed Tough Enough and Hide in Plain Sight. Avalon was briefly introduced in One Way Out. The paperback copies are now out-of-print, but you can still buy the ebook versions at your favorite online store.

Avon Romances: All out-of-print, but ebook copies of Off Limits, Getting Her Man, Her Bodyguard, A Great Catch, All Night Long, and Absolute Trouble are available at InkBooks in DRM-free, multiple ereader formats. These ebooks are also available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Sony Ebook Store, Apple, and Diesel. Store links are included at the Book List section.

For your convenience, here's a printer-friendly list of all my books. It also includes information on connected books and characters.

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The Author

photoMichele Albert lives near Madison, WI, with her husband and two lazy cats. She has an archaeology degree from the University of Michigan and sold her first book in 1997.

Absolute Trouble won RWA's 1997 Golden Heart Award for best unpublished contemporary romance. Off Limits appeared on the Waldenbook's National Bestseller List.

Romantic Times nominated Her Bodyguard and Getting Her Man for Best Mainstream Novel and Her Last Chance for Best Romantic Suspense Novel.